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Why are book prices so important?

A book award helps to make your own book stand out from the crowd and serves as a seal of quality and orientation for readers, booksellers, libraries and schools.

Especially for self-published authors it is difficult to distinguish their own books from the sea of hundreds or even thousands of other publications. A book price helps position your book and is essential to your marketing strategy.

Der Prozess

Wähle Dein Paket aus!

Du erhältst Feedback von unsere Experten - und Dein Buch eine Auszeichnung!

Platziere Dein Buch optimal am Markt und steigere Deine Verkaufszahlen!

Antique Volumes

In Greek mythology, Calliope is the muse of epic poetry, science, philosophy and string playing. We found this very appropriate to acknowledge the creativity and efforts of our writers.​


The Kalliopeia Book Prize is an award that recognizes high-quality book publications. Your book will be objectively checked for formal and content quality. 

We see ourselves as a service provider for authors. You will receive valuable feedback from our experts on formal and content-related criteria, as well as tips on how to market your book. Successful books are licensed to use the Kalliopeia Book Prize Seal. 

We accept applications in the following categories:


Each submission will be evaluated individually and we will let you know our decision within 3-4 weeks. For very large books, it can sometimes take a little longer. In addition, twice a year we determine the best books in each category and promote them separately again.


We're happy about every book - but we have a 'soft spot' for books that are self-published.

  • fiction

  • nonfiction

  • Children's / youth book

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