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​Standard package €150

In any case, you will receive valuable feedbackon the formal and content-related criteria of your bookform of a detailed, objective analysis. Our evaluation matrix is structured in such a way that it evaluates your further developmentng optimally supported as an author.

If your book meets the requirements of our jury, getyou hold the Kalliopeia Book Prize Seal, which you can use for the lifetime of your book - both online and in print format.

We expressly permit the use for all formats and all translations of your book.

We place successful books on our social media channelsReference to title, authorand purchase options. 

Twice a year we select the best works from all successful submissions. The three winners in each category will receive an exclusive "Book of the Year" book award seal.

We have three for youdifferent pakete put together so that you get exactly what you need as an author.


Sharing your book with our jury is the first step to successfully bringing it into the world!

​Deluxe package €250



You getin any case concrete tips and suggestions on how best to place your book on the market and what kind of marketing-Aactivities are most appropriate for your book.

If your book is successful, you will receive three verified reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
(provided your book is available on these platforms)

Als Kleinunternehmer im Sinne von § 19 Abs. 1 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer / MWSt berechnet

Your book will be read by experienced jury members who appreciate the value of your creativity.


Each book is rated individually and is not in competition with other books. Only when we determine the best publications in the individual categories twice a year do we weigh individual books against each other. 

What requirements does my book have to meet?

  • Your book must be published in German. It can be the German translation of a book in a different language.

  • We have no release date requirements. This means you can also use the Kalliopeia book seal for the re-launch of an older publication.

  • There are no restrictions on the size of your book - we look forward to everything from picture books to history ham.

  • Your book is either available as an ebook or in theprint formatavailable and has an ISBN or ASIN.

  • Your book is intended for commercial sale and can be bought either online (e.g. at Amazon) or in bookstores.

  • If your book is only available in print format, it is your responsibility to send us a copy.

  • Books submitted in print format will not be returned - we regularly donate books to schools and libraries.

Woman Writing

What happens if my book does not meet the jury's requirements?

  • In this case, you will also receive a detailed analysis with valuable feedback and tips for improvement based on our evaluation matrix.

  • If you have opted for the deluxe package, you will definitely get our marketing recommendations.

  • We'll give you a free 30-minute consultation with a self-publishing consultant from our network who will help you get your book ready for the market.


In any case, you will receive tangible results and valuable feedback with a submission!

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